Insomnia is the most common form of sleep disturbances after a mild brain injury.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

A concussion is a mild brain injury caused by a hard hit or jolt to the head or body.

Recent reviews state that 50% of clients suffer from sleep disturbances after concussion.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

All persons suspected of a concussion should be examined by a doctor.

The majority of concussion symptoms (85 - 90%) will recover in 7 - 10 days with a cognitive physical rest protocol.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

Possible concussion should be assessed as soon as possible after injury.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

The expected recovery from cognitive-based symptoms following mild TBI ranges from 1 week to 6 months.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

Most people suffering from a concussion will have a full recovery.

Proper management of a concussion can help speed recovery.

The majority of individuals (73 to 88%) return to their principal occupation within one year of injury.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

Many people that have a concussion feel dazed/confused and do not remember events around the injury.

Post mild-TBI fatigue can be persistent and has been shown to be present up to 5 years post-injury.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

Evidence supports that reassurance and education about symptoms is most effective for lowering risk of persistent symptoms.

Macciocchi, A.W., 1993

The most common symptoms after concussions are: Headaches and Fatigue (68.4%), followed by Sleep Disturbances (57.9%).

Vancouver Coastal Health

Concussions can occur without a loss of consciousness.

Persistent dizziness, balance and vision changes are common after a concussion.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

Because there is no visible injury to the brain, most MRI & CT scans after a concussion are within normal limits.

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