The expected recovery from cognitive-based symptoms following mild TBI ranges from 1 week to 6 months.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

Persistent dizziness, balance and vision changes are common after a concussion.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

Recent reviews state that 50% of clients suffer from sleep disturbances after concussion.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

Proper management of a concussion can help speed recovery.

The majority of individuals (73 to 88%) return to their principal occupation within one year of injury.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

Post mild-TBI fatigue can be persistent and has been shown to be present up to 5 years post-injury.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

Because there is no visible injury to the brain, most MRI & CT scans after a concussion are within normal limits.

The majority of concussion symptoms (85 - 90%) will recover in 7 - 10 days with a cognitive physical rest protocol.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

Possible concussion should be assessed as soon as possible after injury.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

The most common symptoms after concussions are: Headaches and Fatigue (68.4%), followed by Sleep Disturbances (57.9%).

Vancouver Coastal Health

Concussions can occur without a loss of consciousness.

Evidence supports that reassurance and education about symptoms is most effective for lowering risk of persistent symptoms.

Macciocchi, A.W., 1993

All persons suspected of a concussion should be examined by a doctor.

Many people that have a concussion feel dazed/confused and do not remember events around the injury.

Most people suffering from a concussion will have a full recovery.

A concussion is a mild brain injury caused by a hard hit or jolt to the head or body.

Insomnia is the most common form of sleep disturbances after a mild brain injury.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2013

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